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UK Government links (including Police and other agencies)


Guide to UK Government (from DirectGov)

10 Downing Street - Home - The Prime Minister's office etc.

Home FCO - Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Foreign & Commonwealth Office FCO Library

Access to information (FCO)

MI6 - Secret Intelligence Service

Wilton Park Conferences (cover foreign affairs)

GCHQ home page

Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) - UK Intelligence

Ministry of Defence - MoD (UK) with links to Defence Intelligence Service - DIS

Homepage of the Home Office for the UK

Home Office on Terrorism


UK Govnt Public Appointments Unit

All you need to know about the UK Home Civil Service

Euro Information from the UK Govnt.

Homepage -UK Info systems

DirectGov UK public information from Govnt - http://www.direct.gov.uk/Homepage/fs/en

National Statistics Online

National Intelligence Machinery

London Metropolitan Police Force

Met. Police - Special Branch

Met. Police - Special Operations - Anti-terrorist branch (SO13)

HMSO - inforoute and the Information Asset Resource

National Archives (PRO) - http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/default.htm

UK Official Documents - Home

GICS: Home Page - Government Information and Communications Service

The UK Patent Office - Trade Marks - Index

The UK Freedom of Information Act

The UK Cabinet Office

The UK Intelligence and Security Committee

The UK Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee

The UK Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee Reports/Publications

Butler Report on Intelligence on WMD (2004) website: http://www.butlerreview.org.uk/ (UK)

The Hutton Inquiry website (UK)

UK Parliament website (Commons & Lords) - http://www.parliament.uk/

House of Commons Debates - Hansard (HMSO version)

House of Commons Debates - Hansard

House of Lords Debates - Hansard

Hansards' website

theyworkforyou.com - on British MPs

Westminster Watch


Houses of Parliament

London Eye

St Pauls at night

London at night


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