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welcome to the security studies & international relations (SSIR) research & resources website...


... advocating the advance of greater, effective and purposeful 'contextualisation' processes in all intelligence activities.

Functionally, SSIR aims to help improve the full-spectrum of current intelligence and information collection and analysis & assessment/estimate activities, in multifunctional contexts (war, peacekeeping, conflict management, emergency, disasters, crisis and risk management, etc.), by:

  1. better promoting the qualitative domain of intelligence and its efforts. (This is accomplished through an emphasis on the timely production and delivery of variously fused and connected 'all-source-ready' open-source products, generating 'RESINT' [research-originating intelligence]);
  2. improving the communication of intelligence, through exploring the increased 'optimisation' of liaison activities; and
  3. advancing the increased strategic management of intelligence and its related activities, through intelligent research-based consultancy.


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US Capitol

US Capitol, Washington DC

UK Houses of Parliament

The UK Houses of Parliament, London


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