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helping to understand the world


SSIR promotes timely and in-depth, yet easily accessible, operational-to-strategy/policy-orientated services.

  • These services span both knowledge/information-management and dynamic problem-solving areas - including:
  1. research + analysis - offering answers to 'what is it?' questions.
  2. assessment + 'sense-making' - offering answers to 'what does it mean?' questions.

providing reachable goals

  • The undertaking of detailed research is tailored towards maintaining a healthy connection between the highest (macro) and lowest (micro) levels of analysis in any evaluations delivered.
  • This is so that the theoretical levels in any evaluations produced do not become detrimentally disconnected from their empirical bases.
  • Goals and aspirations, therefore, remain reachable in a realistic manner, as well effectively reconcilable with the operational realities experienced.

providing a valuable contribution

  • All the research + analysis by SSIR is geared towards making valuable and practical contributions to end objectives.
  • It is also focused on contributing towards helping to better understand the world in which we live, including the intelligence, defence and security issues which challenge us.
  • These activities are undertaken together with helping us to better understand and navigate the operational parameters we confront.

strategic intelligence and global risk consultancy

  • SSIR promotes intelligent 'risk resilience', advancing better governance through:
  1. improved 'risk pre-emption' (optimised 'informing' and 'warning' efforts);
  2. the employment of an enhanced 'intelligence methodology' throughout all activities undertaken; and
  3. the promotion of the 'globalisation of intelligence', to assist in collection and analysis/assessment activities.
  • Offers core Advanced Strategic Services and Intelligence Support Tools (ASSIST) through an Office of Advanced Strategic Intelligence Support and Services (OASISS) and I2U (Intelligence Innovation Unit).
  • Provides scholarly and practical services and support, through pursuing a trans-/inter- and multi-disciplinary 'scholar-practitioner' approach tailored to individual circumstances.
  • Overall, a combined and comprehensive approach is adopted - spanning the fields of: business, organisation and management studies, international relations, strategic, security and intelligence studies, and history.

Three main areas are covered:

  1. 'Blue-skies thinking' and 'Thinking outside of "the box"' - developed using horizon-scanning and scenario-development methodologies.
  2. The timely delivery of 'RESINT' (research-originating intelligence) from the generation of variously connected/fused open-source products. These are focussed on a range of complex subjects, which are organised thematically/functionally and geographically/regionally, determined according to requirements, and created utilising primarily qualitative research methodologies.
  3. Problem analysis and then solving - including discussion encouragement, as well as opportunity generation, development/exploitation and management.

Key mission: To promote effective contextualisation and 'operational policy' (policies that work as desired/intended), through the effective and most harmonious/synergistic connection of the high/macro and low/micro levels of activity, experience and analysis.



emphasis is placed on the timely production, delivery and dissemination of well-balanced and pragmatic, practical results, which, above all, respect the 'rule of law' and ethics



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