online marketing

Politics & the mass media screenshot

politics & the mass media course website (2001)

Merricks Media corporate site

merricks media ltd - corporate site & 10 publication websites (2003-04)


kassandra, performed at the edinburgh festival (1999)

displayed above: some previous asgonline website design & construction projects

  • online marketing
  • continued...
  • web services overview
  • overture - pay-per-click advertising on leading internet search engines' results pages and across other major websites, etc.
  • espotting - pay-per-click advertising on leading internet portals and across other major websites.
  • open directory project - peer-reviewed and 'the' internet directory website to get your website into, as well as supplies the directory information used by other major global search engines.
  • website banner/link exchanges with other sites.
  • e-mail marketing via legally-approved user opt-in lists.
  • 'added value incentives' - e.g. offering a specially discounted product on other peoples' websites for their users.
  • branding and advertising on other major websites, either by dealing direct with the websites' advertising teams and/or using an expert online advertising agency.